New Job + Things I Love

I started a new job!  When we moved back to Texas I decided to take a bit of a sabbatical to help the kiddo and Andrew both adjust to their new school schedules, and I am very thankful that I was able to do that.  But when I saw that our favorite toy store was hiring, I stopped by and filled out an application the next day!  Everything went really well so I am currently in the first few weeks of training at my new job at the toy store!  So, posts here will probably be pretty scarce the next few weeks while we are all adjusting to my new work schedule.  I haven’t had a full-time job (officially, anyway) since before the kiddo was born.

My name on the work board!

My name on the work board!

❤❤Things I Love❤❤

Fredericksburg peaches | Geoflux | Bob’s Burgers | Purple nail polish | Spa days with the kiddo and my best friend | This Gund bear (we named ours Marshmallow) |  Having a Trader Joe’s in town.  We got really used to this store when we lived in California!| Manic Panic (I am thinking my hair might be turquoise pretty soon) | Loquat season | Lazy weekend visits at my dad’s house | Finding a coffee shop that has almond milk as an option

Loot Crate Review – April, 2015

We signed up for Loot Crate recently, so the kiddo and I thought it would be fun to do a review of the April, 2015 Loot Crate which boasted the theme “Fantasy”.  Since we mostly signed up for our tween, I thought I would let her write the a review about her overall impression of Loot Crate, too.

“Overall Loot Crate has been excellent, and I have enjoyed every box!  This month (see photos) was “fantasy” themed.  Initially, I was very excited about the fantasy theme because I myself, love fantasy. I expected it to be like, faeries, elves, D&D: things like that. However, it was pretty much all “Game of Thrones” and I do not watch this show. They had one Harry Potter luggage tag, and that was almost  it in the way of not GOT.  Otherwise, Loot Crate has not let me down. They always pack quality items, and they are all nerd/geek related.  Loot Crate has always been something that I look forward to and when it gets to my house I am always excited to open it. Each month has a theme and they send items that are related to the theme. Every Loot Crate includes a catalog that shows you everything you got and what it is/how to use it  (this comes in handy a lot when you get something that seems confusing, or is taken apart and you have to put it together.)  In the catalog you can also see some pictures that were posted online by other Loot Crate recipients of them with what they got and most enjoyed last month (if you put a picture online don’t forget to use #lootcrate to get a chance to be in the catalog.)  The boxes always have awesome stuff, ranging from comic books to t-shirts to board games made out of the crate itself.  I think Loot Crate is worth the money, and that y’all should try it out.”

Review of April, 2015's Loot Crate -

April, 2015’s Loot Crate, minus the t-shirt.

Laine’s notes about the April, 2015 Loot Crate box : this box was very Game of Thrones-centric, which isn’t our family’s geekery at all, so we were a bit disappointed with this month’s box.  The Princess Bride cards were cool, *but* we already have a deck because we participated in their Kickstarter (and of course, we had picked the same exact deck).  The only thing we were super excited about this month was the Harry Potter bag tag, which we could have snagged off Amazon.  There was also an inflatable crown (that doesn’t fit any of us) that we will add to our photo booth prop box, but again this is something we could have purchased ourselves.  Andrew got a kick out of the dragon and dice themed bow tie.

Review of April, 2015's Loot Crate -

T-shirt in April, 2015’s Loot Crate

Past Loot Crates we have gotten have had a more diverse theme, and I had high hopes for a pretty diverse box with the theme of “fantasy”, but that being said we’ll still be getting May’s Loot Crate to see if this box was simply an anomaly.  Generally we have been really pleased with our boxes, I know that subscription boxes can’t make everyone 100% happy all the time, and based on our friends and family we are actually in the minority as far as Game of Thrones goes.

Interested in trying out Loot Crate yourself?  Sign up today!

Youth Group Dinner – Breakfast for Dinner

This week our family had signed up to provide the dinner for our church’s weekly youth group meeting.  I love to cook, but it throws me off when I can’t get specific information about an event (mainly the number of people I will be feeding), so I had been putting it off.  After much self-induced food planning stress, I finally decided that 15 youth and teachers would show up, picked a date to provide dinner, and went from there.

I decided on a breakfast casserole (made vegetarian) along with hash browns and a basic fruit salad.  Everyone loves breakfast for dinner, right?  I made 2 casseroles, and I more or less followed this recipe, with a few changes.  I used about 1/4 cup of water instead of milk in the eggs (that’s just my preference), I used vegetarian sausage, and I cooked the casseroles for 30 minutes instead of 15.  However, I will say there were a few spots where the dough was slightly under-cooked, so I might be updating this recipe a bit more: stay tuned!

Youth Group Dinner - Breakfast for Dinner via

Action shot of the breakfast casseroles!

List of Supplies & Cost

  • Biscuits (w/ coupons)                                     –   6.48
  • Vegetarian breakfast sausage                     –   3.99
  • 1 dozen eggs                                                      –   4.99
  • Shredded Cheese                                             –   3.79
  • 3 packages of hash browns                          –   5.97
  • 1 pound grapes                                                 –   2.99
  • 2 bananas                                                           –   1.50
  • 2 apples                                                               –   1.58
  • Two disposable trays                                     –   2.00

        Total Cost = $33.29 or $1.85/person

18 youth and teachers showed up for the meeting, so that put my total cost at $1.85/person, but  I am sure that you could lower the cost a little more if needed.  I know I spent a little bit more on the biscuits as well as the eggs.  You can also use casserole dishes you already own.  You may or may not decide to include a fruit salad: that is what I had the most left-overs of (but I thought that might be the case going in).  Definitely do not skimp out on the hash browns!  I calculated 2 hash browns per person and those were the first thing to go!  ^_^  There was about 1/2 tray of casserole left-over as well, and it re-heats well, which means we have breakfast and/or lunch figured out for us for the next few days as well now.

Overall, the youth group really enjoyed having breakfast for dinner, so I will definitely keep this in the rotation.

Vegetarian breakfast casserole -

Vegetarian breakfast casserole!


Oh my goodness, the “joy” that can be student housing.  Things have seemed off at our house for about 3 months now in a way that is hard to actually describe.  Yesterday my husband received a call from the head of maintenance informing us that there are major plumbing/sewage issues and we needed to get out of the house.  Now.  So I spent the afternoon opening all the house windows to let some fresh air into house and then frantically started packing us up, pets included.  Oh, I also had to pack up Easter because the Easter bunny still needs to find KK this Sunday.

Crookshanks exploring our temporary housing.  -

Crookshanks exploring our temporary housing.

Thankfully, the seminary has mission housing that they are letting us use for the moment so we have a nice, furnished space to vacate to.  Maintenance guesses that we will be here for about a week, and it looks like the seminary might let us move to new housing as well, so things are going to be a bit wonky for us for a little while.  But, talk about a curve ball!

There may not be posts to Fort Poppin for the next couple of weeks as we are figuring out our housing situation.  But I will be back as soon as I can!