Conlan Press Frustrations

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Last Unicorn.  When the kiddo was in Kindergarten we went to the Alamo Drafthouse to watch it on the big screen and meet Peter S. Beagle.  We all had a wonderful time, even though I was crying within 30 seconds of the movie starting.  It is overwhelming to finally see a movie you have loved your whole life on the big screen.

We heard that there was going to be another screening with Peter S. Beagle earlier this year so we immediately bought tickets for the show in town because it was being advertised as his final tour.  The show was this April (2015) and again, we had a great time (and again, I cried when seeing the movie on the big screen).  After the show we had Peter S. Beagle sign a few prints we purchased and we also pre-ordered a print.  At the time of purchase they told us that the delivery time would be approximately 4-6 weeks and that we would get updates via e-mail.  A few days later I ordered the new DVD on their website as well.

On June 19th we hadn’t heard anything, or received our print, so I sent an e-mail to them.  My first e-mail was ignored so I sent a follow-up email on July 3rd.  It was in the evening and  within 10 minutes I got a phone call from Connor at Conlan Press.  He didn’t really answer anything, but said that it would be easier to explain things over the phone and asked for me to call him back.  Phone calls are trickier for me than e-mail, so I wrote back about a week later explaining that and requested that he update me via e-mail.  The response to this e-mail was yet another phone call.  After responding that I cannot make phone calls happen easily I no longer got any responses from

I then started communicating with Ashley at Conlan Press on September 14th.  I will say that she has responded to my e-mails so far, but the situation is no less frustrating.  I was told that the items I had purchased would not be available and that I could get substitute items or a refund.  I opted for a refund and was then told that they would have to mail me a check since it had been more than 60 days since I placed my orders and that a check would be mailed out in a week.

I checked in today and am now being told that the checks aren’t really going to take a week, but four.  So now I am reasonably sure that Conlan Press has no intention of refunding my money.  In fact, if you Google “Conlan Press scam” you get a lot of valid responses: I, 2, 3, 4, 5

Who knows?  Maybe I will be able to update my blog with a, “Hooray!  I got my money back!” post.  Right now I am almost certain that I, along with many other Last Unicorn fans, have been scammed by Conlan Press.  My current advice is:

  1.  Go to Amazon and buy a new copy of the Last Unicorn.  Yes, I am reasonably sure that Conlan Press still gets some of the money (unfortunately), but is really is a beautiful version of the movie.
  2. Never, ever, EVER buy anything directly from Conlan Press.

For anyone who is interested, you can contact me and I will send you screenshots of all of my e-mails with Connor and Ashley at Conlan Press.  I will definitely write an update one way or another.

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